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Wouldn't it be great if your credit card could help the environment with every swipe?

We're searching for a credit card that lets you earn credit or points toward renewable energy development with every purchase.

With so many credit card options available, how are none of them funding green energy?

Unfortunately, no card fully meets our criteria.

We wish we had a long list of recommendations but that isn’t the case. The selection of credit cards that directly fund renewable energy development is lacking.


The only option we found that has any tie to renewable energy is the 1% for the Planet Charity Charge card. The 1% cash back you earn on every purchase would be treated as a tax deductible donation and could be divided between up to three nonprofits of your choice. 1% for the Planet does fund environmental causes but it is unclear what amount is allocated specifically to renewable energy projects. We think this is the best option currently since climate action is a focus but wish that a card with stronger ties to renewable energy development existed.


Alternately, you could donate the proceeds from any 2% cash back card to one of GreenPortfolio’s suggested nonprofits. It would be twice as effective and you would have a better understanding of where your donation is going.

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We think the industry can do better.

With companies committing to reduce their carbon footprints and shift to renewable energy consumption, we believe credit card issuers should be adapting to the times and incorporating climate action into their offerings to consumers.


If you agree, join us in advocating for better options that directly invest in green energy.

Make your voice heard.

Make your voice heard.

You can take action and we’re here to help! Here are some tips for asking your financial institution to offer credit cards that directly fund renewable energy:

Keep it short and simple

Limiting your message to a few sentences will make it easy to understand.

Tell them why it's important

Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable sources for energy production is both financially and medically beneficial. A study by Duke University and NASA found that reducing pollution from fossil fuels could prevent 250k premature deaths and save the US almost $700b a year by improving everyone’s health.

Find the right contact info

We’ve included the contact pages for a few financial institutions below. If yours isn’t listed, you should be able to find this information on your financial institution’s website.

American Express



Bank of America

Capital One

U.S. Bank


Did we miss something?

Have you found a credit card that supports renewable energy development? Please contact us and we’ll take a look!

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