Is your money funding fossil fuels or climate solutions?

We score investments and bank accounts for climate impact so you know where you stand.

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In the 4 hours it takes your paper straw to dissolve, Chase Bank funneled $28,187,214 into fossil fuels.

Let's move our money.

Discover your climate impact

Get clarity on where your money is going. No more greenwashing: just accurate, climate-first metrics.

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Find greener banks and investments

Explore 24,000+ banks, stocks, and funds — all ranked by climate impact.

Take pride in your progress

Move your money to build your vision for the future - not Shell’s!

We’re already preparing the (compostable) confetti.

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Not ESG. Better

81 / 100

Exxon Mobil
Average ESG Score

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1 / 100

Exxon Mobil
GreenPortfolio Score

Oil companies shouldn’t be getting a passing grade.

Why us

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Proven climate metrics

No B.S.
No greenwashing.

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Zero corporate bias

Data tells the story.
No one else.

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Team of experts

Leadership team with 50+ combined years of finance, climate, and data science experience.

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