The most influential voices in impact investing on Instagram

These four Instagram accounts are run by leaders in impact investing. Learn more about them and how you can use your money for good.

By Betsy Harbison

September 14, 2021

impact investing influencers

Simply put, impact investors base their investment strategy on driving financial gains by selecting organizations that have a positive impact on the world. At GreenPortfolio, we believe that by investing in renewable energy we can take climate action and earn strong financial returns.


And we’re not alone. With over 74,000 impact investing posts on Instagram, there’s no shortage of accounts sharing information about impact investing. If you’re interested in learning how to use your money to take climate action, here are four of the most influential impact investing accounts to follow.


@financeforchange is run by a doctoral researcher who shares sustainable finance resources through an inclusive Instagram community.


A recent post shares a post that highlights how net zero targets can be a distraction from the main driver in mitigating climate change: cutting carbon emissions. While it’s critical we develop and install renewable energy to cut emissions, it’s also just as vital that we don’t cause more harm in doing so. @financeforchange puts that issue front and center in this post and reminds us that we need to employ many different types of renewables to get us to net zero.

In another recent post, @financeforchange shares a primer on how to tell if a company is as sustainable as they say they are and summarizes the different ESG investing – Environmental, Social, and Governance -- frameworks. We at GreenPortfolio say the best way to take climate action is to put your money towards funding renewable energy, but understanding how other investors assess “sustainability” may help you as an impact investor.


We appreciate the thought that goes into how the information is delivered as it is always easy to digest.


Carlotta Lucia Giacché runs @mymeaningfulmoney. As a corporate banker, Carlotta is passionate about harnessing the power of finance to achieve measurable positive impact. Carlotta set up My Meaningful Money, a financial literacy platform designed to encourage young people to take control over their finances and align their money with their values. In fact, this post points out the importance of pressuring investment providers to stop funding fossil fuels.


Follow @mymeaningfulmoney so you don’t miss the launch of Carlotta’s new My Meaningful Money website!

"I started My Meaningful Money to raise awareness about the power our money can have to achieve positive change. I aim to encourage the conversation around money and the notion of developing a wealth building mindset, no matter our background and circumstances. By becoming financially confident, we can create the kind of future we want to see. Ultimately, it's about driving the demand for more ethical and transparent financial solutions that provide high returns for a diverse set of investors, as well our planet."- Carlotta, @mymeaningfulmoney


Sarah, the creator of the S.O.U.L. Investing Framework and the Soulful Wealth Method, also runs @moneymeetssoul. Sarah has a holistic approach to investing, which you can learn more about by following her Instagram account.

As a female-founded organization with an almost entirely female-identifying staff, we love that Sarah focuses on helping women simultaneously build their own wealth while using their finances for the planet.

“The way I see it, in order to save our planet, we need to relearn how we spend and how we invest. It’s simply not an investment if it’s jeopardizing the very future we’re saving for. Since money is power, we need more money in the hands of good people and the key is to align their wealth building strategy with their values - to have their money meet their soul.” – Sarah, @moneymeetssoul


Stephen Snider runs @sustainabilityaroundtheglobe. Stephen describes himself as a student of sustainability and finance but he’s also a community builder. Stephen organizes and promotes webinars and networking events to connect others interested in sustainability. This is just one example of the many informative posts from @sustainabilityaroundtheglobe.

We also value Stephen’s commitment to the climate movement at the local level. He’s raising awareness about how the climate crisis is affecting Jamaica, where he is from. As an island, Jamaica will see the negative impact of climate change and rising sea levels faster than most. We appreciate that Stephen shares information about impact investing, especially with this personal lens.

Stay invested

Now that you’ve met these four influential voices in impact investing, check them out on Instagram to learn more sustainable finance and spread the word! Follow, like, and share so more people get involved – and keep using your finances to take climate action!

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