GreenPortfolio selected for Future Climate Venture Studio

GreenPortfolio, a climate change startup helping people decarbonize their finances, will work with a venture studio supporting innovative climate solutions.

By Helen So

February 15, 2023

Future Climate Venture Studio announcement, with GreenPortfolio and other cohort members' logos

We’re happy to announce that GreenPortfolio has joined the Future Climate Venture Studio


Led by UConn, R/GA Ventures, and CTNext, the studio aims to identify and support innovative startups addressing the most critical dimensions of the climate challenge (that’s us!).


Joining this cohort means that we’ll get to tap into the Studio’s resources and support over the coming months. Our CEO, Bonnie Gurry, says, “The support of the UConn, CTNext, Connecticut Innovations, and R/GA teams while simultaneously joining a cohort of accomplished and driven founders has been really fantastic. The effort put into coordinating all of these resources and contacts was really next level and we can’t wait to see how far this group will go!”


GreenPortfolio is on a mission to help people fight climate change with their finances. As a team of millennials and Gen Z, we know our generations are demanding easy ways to make sure our money helps the planet while giving us a fair return. We’ll make the most of this opportunity to accelerate us on this mission.

GreenPortfolio cofounders Bonnie Elizabeth stand with the rest of the cohort, all smiling, at Future Climate Venture Studio


Elizabeth Landau, our COO, highlighted the joy of collaborating with other founders in the program: “This was the first program we’ve been able to attend in person! Spending time with these impressive founders has already been beneficial — feedback on ideas, sharing resources, and helping each other tackle business challenges.”

Shoutout to the other amazing members of our cohort:

  • Applied Bioplastics (Austin, TX): Delivering lower-carbon durable plastics at price and performance parity with traditional plastics while reducing emissions by 20-40%
  • Clean Crop (Holyoke, MA): Using electricity to boost yields, improve safety, and reduce waste across the food space
  • Cool Amps (New Haven, CT): Cool Amps is a team of technologists focused on reclaiming lithium-ion battery metal components in a responsible manner—in order to develop a closed-loop supply chain that increases American competitiveness and enhances national security
  • INOVUES (Houston, TX): Retrofitting building facades to incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removal, replacement, or disruption
  • Urban Stalk (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada): Creating novel circular vertical farming technology to grow vegetable foods locally, year-round, and with no waste or carbon-based chemicals ensuring a higher quality, nutritiously safe product


Thank you for your support.


If you'd like to learn more, here’s what R/GA, UConn, and UConn Tech Park are saying about this exciting news.


Our demo day is planned for April, so we’ll update you on the program then!


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