Every dollar you save and invest can help the planet.

GreenPortfolio is your guide to climate-friendly personal finance.
GreenPortfolio score and metrics, including fossil fuels, oil, and coal. Free your finances from fossil fuels!

For everyone who's asked, "What can I do besides turn off the lights?"

Moving your money can help the planet 21x more than many lifestyle changes combined.
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It's never been easier to help the planet

Sync seamlessly
Link your accounts to see your impact.
See your impact at a glance
From hours of research to minutes.
Bye bye, vague ESG ratings.
See what your investments are up to, from coal production to net-zero targets.
Find green alternatives
For every bank, stock, or fund, see our top picks for green alternatives.

Is your money funding fossil fuels or climate solutions?

Track the climate impact of your finances and make money moves that meet your financial and climate goals