Looking to ditch the spreadsheets and financial analysis? Leaving the math to the machines could be right for you.

Robo-investing uses an algorithm to manage your portfolio, saving you a lot of time and effort. But did you know that robo-advising can also help you set up a climate-friendly portfolio?

What is the Carbon Collective Climate Only Portfolio?

  • This robo-advisor was built to help investors divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions
  • This fund excludes fossil fuel companies
  • The Climate Only Portfolio contains a mix of Carbon Collective's climate solution stocks & green bonds

Last updated: 02/07/23

What is the Climate Impact Portfolio?

  • This robo-advisor adjusts your portfolio for risk and tax-loss harvesting among several different funds
  • Includes ETFs with reduced carbon footprint, as well as ETFS that exclude fossil fuel reserves
  • Includes a green bond fund that invests directly in renewable energy assets (This fund, which is the only direct exposure to renewable energy, may be a small portion of your portfolio if you prefer more risk)

Last updated: 02/07/23

What is the EarthFolio Fossil Free Option?

  • This climate-focused portfolio includes companies and industries in: 100% renewable utilities, electric transportation, and battery technology
  • This portfolio excludes fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal

Last updated: 02/07/23

What is Wealthfront's Socially Responsible Investing?

  • A robo-advisor with tax-loss harvesting.
  • You can customize your portfolio, add and remove funds, and change how much is invested in each fund at any time.
  • Funds that Wealthfront labels “Socially Responsible” must meet at least one of several criteria, which may or may not be related to climate and environmental impact.
  • Climate-related criteria include tracking an index “marketed as following ESG principles,” an index that excludes “oil and gas exploration and refining,” among others, and favoring clean energy companies.
  • Read more about their investing methodology here.

Last updated: 02/07/23

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