A Closer Look at Kiva

Find out how you can lend money to support renewable energy projects around the world

What is Kiva?

Kiva is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform that allows you to provide no-interest loans to projects and entrepreneurs around the world.


The Kiva platform has hundreds of projects you can choose from and you can decide what amount to loan to the projects you pick. Loans on Kiva can be used to fund a variety of projects, from home renovations, to restocking a local store, to purchasing farming supplies.


Some of these projects are for renewable energy installations, typically for installing solar panels, so your loan can help directly fund renewable energy development.

Join GreenPortfolio's Kiva Lending Team

We've made it easy for you to find renewable energy projects to support. Join our lending team to see a list of loans you can contribute to.

How does Kiva work?

Kiva evaluates loan applications and posts approved loans to the site. Once posted, anyone can contribute to help reach the borrower’s fundraising goal. The smallest amount you can loan is $25. In the description for each loan, you can find more information about the backstory of the borrower and details about the loan length.


It is important to note that when lending through Kiva, you will typically get back all the funds you decide to loan. Kiva borrowers have a 96% repayment rate.


For more information about how Kiva works, visit https://www.kiva.org/about/how.

How can I fund renewable energy with Kiva?

To make it easier for you to find projects requesting loans for renewable energy installation, GreenPortfolio has created a lending team to help track current loans. Alternatively, you can also search for solar and other renewable energy-related projects with Kiva’s built-in search engine.

Getting Started

You can browse loans on Kiva's website with or without an account. If you do make an account, you only need an email. No payment information is required unless you decide to make a loan.

Lending Teams

Once you’ve made an account, you can join lending teams, which Kiva describes as “self-organized groups built around common interests, school affiliation or location.” Lending teams can categorize existing loan requests as team loans, so members can contribute to the same loans.


GreenPortfolio has a Kiva team where we compile loans for renewable energy projects. You can join the GreenPortfolio lending team here or by going to Kiva's teams page and searching “GreenPortfolio.”

Projects GreenPortfolio Has Funded

Here are some projects the GreenPortfolio lending team has contributed to:


Sosai Renewable Energies: A loan to help provide clean energy to rural Nigerians for work, school, and economic productivity.


Ezra: A loan to purchase an ACE one energy system in order to have access to solar power.


Janllesa: A loan to purchase a solar lamp so she can extend her business hours past nightfall.

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